Welcome! Meet The

Balmoral HOUSE TEAM:


Our Philosophy ...


The Balmoral House mission is to provide an elegant and exquisite event experience through unforgettable weddings, social, corporate, arts and educational opportunities.


Each and every member of our team is genuinely passionate about bringing people together,

no matter the occasion, to deliver a unique and intimate experience.


It’s our pleasure to do everything we can to make those memories special for our guests.

And when it comes to planning and logistics, we’ve got it covered —

we offer impeccable, seamless service with no surprises!


Event Sales & Venue Manager   -     ashtin@thebalmoralhouse.com 

Hello! I am a graduate from IUPUI where I studied Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management. During my time at IUPUI I took advantage of multiple internships, many of which were venue/wedding related. My favorite thing about weddings and social events is the planning of taking an idea and bringing it to life for the big day! 


In my free time I am always spending time with my husband, our two daughters, and two dogs! A goal of mine when my children are older is to become more involved in volunteering with non-profit organizations, mostly focusing on animals and children. A perfect day for me is spent with my family, eating Mexican food, and listening to Taylor Swift. 



Assistant Operation & Venue Manager -  sarah@thebalmoralhouse.com

Hello! I am a recent graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington. There I studied Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management as well as minored in Business and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management.  During my time there, I was able to experience working with multiple wedding coordinators/planners.  It was working with them that made me fall in love with weddings. 

When I am not working at the Balmoral House, I am hanging out with my family and friends, watching movies, or scrolling through Instagram looking at wedding pictures! A perfect day for me is being with my loved ones laughing, eating, and having fun.

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Event Coordinator - kennedy@thebalmoralhouse.com

Hello! I am a senior at IUPUI where I am studying Tourism, Conventions, and Events Management. I have always loved interacting with people and planning every little detail of my life! Since being at IUPUI I have been introduced to many different aspects of the hospitality industry. My favorite part of working here is getting to see a wedding come together after planning and working on it for so long!


When I am not at work I am usually busy with my schoolwork. However, in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends & family, watching movies, and hiking. I also love cats and Taylor Swift!



Co-Owner & Operating Manager -  diane@thebalmoralhouse.com 

The Balmoral House property has been in the family for over 60 years. First as a farm, then a family homestead and now as a wedding and event center.  After many years of raising our own family and creating unique celebrations on the property, we decided to share our celebration/party legacy with others on our beautiful property.



Digital Sales & Marketing -  marketing@thebalmoralhouse.com

Originally from St. Louis, I moved to Indianapolis to attend Butler University and as it turned out find the love of my life. After spending a good decade working in the music industry of Nashville, TN - I am happy to be back in Indy with my husband and two kids. 

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work on lots of special events, but it is really exciting to now be on the other side and work at a venue where our primary goal is to provide once in a lifetime experiences. With 20+ years of experience in graphic design and marketing, my goal is to let as many people know about all the amazing opportunities there are at The Balmoral House.