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2021 Wedding Trend Update

Each year there are definitely trends that will become clear in the weddings that we host at The Balmoral House. 2021 is no different. We wanted to share a few popular blogs from noted wedding sites of what they predict the trends to be. As we being to hold Venue Planning Meetings with our engaged couples there are a few things we have noticed, and wanted to share as well.

Welcome to the Year of Intentionality.

Our top 2021 wedding trends are all about thinking big—even if your guest list might be a little smaller. From bold decor to an emphasis on entertainment, 2021 weddings are all about making a statement.

New year, new ideas.

Top 5 Balmoral House Trends

The wedding ceremony is based in tradition. We have seen a shift in the popular colors in ceremony and reception design. So far this year, dusty rose and porcelain blue is popular where burgundy and navy once ruled. Brighter, bolder colors have taken a priority.

Custom decorated arches have become a popular backdrop in both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. The Balmoral House has a traditional wrought-iron arch that can be used and customized with florals, greens, fabrics to give a unique look. We can also recommend several wedding decor companies that have arches in unique shapes and materials.

Although our venue is already smaller scale, with an upper capacity of 150, couples are choosing to have smaller receptions that originally planned. Weddings with 80-120 guests is a bit of a sweet spot for our venue. With guest counts in this range there is plenty of space for guests to still socially distance if they choose, and have a variety of settings for ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and dancing.

The idea of having time and space for mingling has also grown in popularity. Having a time between ceremony and reception to spend in Celebration Hall or out on the Grand Deck with a Cocktail Hour and passed appetizers allows the wedding party time to take extra photos and guests to have a bite and a drink at their leisure.

Reception dining has also transformed since shutdown. We are seeing a shift from the traditional self-serve buffet setup and more individually portioned dishes and plated catering options. Similarly, desserts are frequently served as individual dishes rather than one large sliced wedding cake.

The biggest shift in wedding planning is that there are no rules. Life was put on hold for so long, couples are making the choice to begin a new life together on their terms. It may look different than originally planned, but as we have continued holding events it is just important to continue celebrating life's milestones.


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