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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words– What Will Your Wedding Say

Choosing a photographer may not be at the top of your priority list for wedding vendors, but it should. Long after the music stops and the cake is gone – it’s the photos that will live on and hold the tangible memories of your wedding day.

There are a vast number of photographers from single camera amateurs to full professional crews to choose from. We have a few criteria you can use to select the photographer that is right for you.

What is your Wedding Photo Style?

Wedding photography can be categorized in one of three distinct styles: Traditional/Classic, Artistic/Dramatic and Photojournalist. And while some photographers specialize in one category, some may crossover or work in collaboration to be able to provide you multiple styles that blend perfectly together.

1. Traditional/Classic

A Traditional or Classic style is focused on a more portrait-based photography. Photos may be likely to stand the test of time, perhaps a little more formal in structure and reminiscent of your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding albums. These photographers will typically have a standard list of traditional moments to capture throughout the day. They will still include some candid and action shots, but they will be well composed, and capture the moments of the wedding couple, party, family, and guests rather than getting in the mix to create moments.

Photography by Rakoteet Photography

2. Artistic/Dramatic

Artistic photography can actually be quite fun. There is no set shot list, it’s more about finding unique moments, interesting composition, perfect lighting. It will not be a lot of full frame portraits, but a more candid style with some direction and styling. You can also incorporate unique filters to give your wedding photos a distinct look and feel.

If you are planning a sunrise or sunset wedding, it may make sense to find a photographer who excels in capturing that lighting – or being able to create light if your wedding day doesn’t naturally provide it.

3. Photojournalistic

A photojournalist wedding photographer is going to capture your day as it happens. They will work to find the special moments and record them. There will be close-ups, candids, and capturing the expressions and reactions of wedding party and guests. There will undoubtably be a few portraits and group shots, but their goal will be to tell the story and feeling of the day through their photos.

Photography by Holly Lea Photography

Every photographer has their own distinct lens. Before you select a photographer be sure you spend some time on their website, social media or in person to look through their portfolio or work. Be sure you can see at least a 1-2 complete weddings, preferably ones similar to the wedding you have planned. If your wedding is outdoors, view their outdoor photography.

A professional photographer will be able to consistently take amazing photos that capture every part of your wedding day. Finding the right style and the right photographer will provide you the beautiful reminders that will last you a lifetime.

If you have questions about wedding photography or scheduling additional engagement or family photo sessions at The Balmoral House, please contact one of our Venue Managers at 317-288-8741 or email


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