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Day-of Coordinator Questions Answered

At The Balmoral House, we are very excited to have added Day-of Coordination to our offerings for your wedding day.

You've worked for weeks or months coordinating people and places and things to design your perfect wedding, but you want to enjoy the day now that it's here.

On your wedding day, you're going to be pulled in a million directions. Old friends will want to say hello, you'll want to focus, get ready, and people will be asking you far too many questions. And that's just before the ceremony starts.

A Balmoral House Day-of Coordinator can help you avoid chaos and make sure your day runs smoothly so you can truly enjoy your special day.

We wanted to answer some commonly asked questions about our service:

What services are included in Day of Coordination?

  • Assist On-Site with ceremony rehearsal. Coordinate pre-ceremony food & beverage services. Set up ceremony & reception spaces. Meet caterers, vendors and deliveries & deliver final payments and/or tips. Assist with decor set up. Greet and direct guests. Make sure that the wedding party is on time and in the right places. Wedding party lineup for ceremony. Wedding party lineup for reception grand entrance. Coordinate reception timeline. Tear down and pack decor. Collect personal items for exit. Loading gifts for exit. Coordinate Send Off. Coordinate returning rentals. Ensure space is left clean. Solving last-minute emergencies.

How is the day of Coordination different than a Wedding Planner?

  • Full Service Wedding Planning includes assisting in the selection of all vendors, negotiating contracts, and designing the look and feel of your wedding. These services may begin at any point from day of engagement till all decisions for your event are complete. Some planners may or may not include day of coordination.

  • The Balmoral House Day of Coordination starts at your venue selection meeting when you already have selected all of your vendors, signed all contracts and have made your decisions about your wedding. Your day of coordinator is your on-site assistance.

Will the Day of Coordinator pick up any items off of the Balmoral House property?

  • The Day of Coordinator provides only on-site assistance.

  • Any running errands or tasks that are outside of the Balmoral House property will need to be handled by someone else.

When do I need to determine add this service to my Balmoral House Wedding experience?

  • You can schedule Day of Coordinator when you book your venue or at your venue selection meeting. We request you make your decision at least 2 months out from your wedding.

How is the Day of Coordinator selected?

  • Balmoral House Management reviews all wedding dates with our staff and assigns the Day of Coordinator based upon availability of our staff.

Can I request my Day of Coordinator?

  • You are welcome to request one of our staff and we will try to meet your request. However, we cannot guarantee that they are available to work your wedding.

Will I still have a Venue Manager?

  • Your Day of Coordinator can also be your venue manager based upon your specific wedding needs.

What other Balmoral House staff will work with my Day of Coordinator?

  • Depending on your guest count and your wedding specifics, there will be additional event assistants on site working together as a collaborative team.

When do I pay for these services?

  • A 50% deposit will be required at the time of your venue planning meeting or no later than one week after your Venue Selection Meeting. This is a non-refundable deposit.

  • The balance will be due at the time of your final payment.

What is the cancellation policy if something happens and my wedding is cancelled?

  • The deposit is non-refundable due to the services that started at the venue selection meeting.

  • The balance is refundable only if you cancel the services 30 days before your wedding. If the cancellation is less than 30 days then the balance is non-refundable.

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