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"I Do" Want a Picture Perfect Arch

Selecting your wedding décor is where you can really let your unique personality and style show through. Using an arch or arbor can create a focal point for entries or exits or most often a backdrop for the ceremony exchange of vows. The Balmoral House includes a traditional wrought-iron arch with all of our weddings. Dress it up with fabric, florals, greens or keep it simple and natural for a classic, timeless look.

There are also several other arch styles that are gaining popularity. Many couples may choose to DIY their own unique arch or rent one from a wedding décor company like Blue Blossom, Nerdy Fox or Sparkling Decor and More.

Geometric Backdrops

Geometric backdrops can create a sleek and more modern style. Hexagons, triangles, squares, diamonds and all kinds of geometric touches, lines and shapes are right what you need to make your ceremony space trendy. Geometric arbors can be made of metal or wood for a more rustic feel. The decorations may be located on the arch, on its corners, at the base, on different parts of the arch. A geometric backdrop is easy to style for any wedding and colors, from a rustic to a minimalist or modern wedding, and can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Circle Arches

Oversized circle arches are one of the hottest trends and is gaining popularity. Typically made of metal they can be left bare for a modern look, or covered in florals for a lush background. This is a bold look and the large sweeping curve can give a fantastic soft, romantic look.

Fabrics And Macrame Backdrops

Satin and chiffon or tulle can be used to create a soft romantic backdrop for a ceremony or photo spot. If you are a boho couple, a macramé wedding backdrop or arch is right what you need! It can be an indoor or an outdoor one. There are many ways to style a textile backdrop, besides, you can DIY it yourself to make your wedding more personalized.

Arch details and backdrops work to pull your décor concept and wedding style together, create amazing photo opportunities – can be designed for any decor and style. So have some fun and find the backdrop that’s perfect for your special day!

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