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Create a plan & keep your Wedding Day on track

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Planning your wedding day timeline can seem stressful, but with these tips, you should have all the information you need to help you plan the day of your dreams.

What are some of the key timeline points for planning your wedding day?

Know your priorities and work the rest of the schedule around them for the day. Things to consider are: ● making sure vendors arrive in time

● travel time between locations

● bridal party prep - need extra time for hair and makeup in Bridal Suite or off site ● first look before the ceremony ● time for special photos - before and/or after ceremony ● cocktail hour so you can enjoy some time with your guests before the reception ● first dance, other special dances and toasts

● wedding couple send off with guests

● tear down with vendors and who is responsible for tear down of personal items

How do you typically collaborate with couples and vendors on the timeline?

It is helpful to review contracts as you book with your vendors and incorporate them into the timeline. The Venue Planning meeting at The Balmoral House with your Venue Manager is also an excellent time to finalize details such as the timeline and floor plan. We also invite couples to attend our Tour Tuesday open houses to meet with other vendors and discuss details of the day, especially if it is a vendor that has not worked at The Balmoral House previously.

If you are working with a coordinator will they typically develop the timeline?

Yes. If you are working with a third-party planner or coordinator they will work through the timeline with you. We will also work with them to ensure that any plans meet The Balmoral House guidelines. We also invite you to bring your planner to the Venue Planning meeting, if desired, so that all parties understand the timeline for the day.

Build in time to be late

You want to make sure that you have adequate time for each of the things you want to do. Examples of this are specific photo requests, time to spend a moment alone with your spouse, special dances, and anything else you may want to do! Be sure to build in buffer time throughout the day in case anything runs late.

When should the timeline be finalized?

The Venue Planning meeting is when we go over all final details. This meeting is typically about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day with your Venue Manager.

What information should be included in the timeline?

● vendor names and contact information

● vendor arrival/departure times ● when they will be setup and teardown ● important photo opportunities ● when the wedding party and couple should be ready for each stage of the day ● transition times of events ● main events such as ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, first dance, toasts and send off

Who should this document be shared with?

● Wedding Couple ● Parents ● Wedding Party ● The Balmoral House ● Vendors

We can’t wait to host the wedding of your dreams. If you do not have someone in your wedding party to designate as a coordinator for your day, The Balmoral House now offers Day of Coordination services to help you both create your timeline and assist with keeping your wedding day on track. Click here to contact our Venue Managers or call 317-288-8741 for complete details.


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