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Location, Location, Location!

One of the most important tasks in planning your wedding involves finding a venue, but what exactly all goes into booking a wedding venue?

As you may have read from our last blog post, one of our team members got engaged in May! Anna has been busy trying to book a venue for her special day in the summer of 2020. As we continue to follow Anna and Jordan’s journey to their wedding, we thought we could provide some insight on choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day!


Since the last interview with Anna, I sat down with her again to see how her venue planning was coming along.

To start things off, have you booked your venue yet?

“We have looked at a couple of places that can hold upwards of 250 people. Jordan and I found one we really liked that fits our style and us as a couple. We are still going through the contract and trying to get a better idea of costs before we are ready!”

We see this at Balmoral all the time! It only works if the couple can clearly envision their wedding day at a specific venue. What details did you need to know when booking a venue?

“When booking a venue there are so many questions to ask! For example, is the date you are looking at available or do they have any hidden fees? My advice to you would be to watch out for credit card processing fees because they can add up! Always ask and/or pay with check or cash. You may also have a vision for your big day, so make sure you are able to do what you're picturing! Some venues don’t allow sparkler send offs.”

There are definitely numerous questions to ask to find that perfect fit for you. What were some the most important things to you in a venue?

“The most important part was to be able to picture yourself getting married there. It is important to find somewhere matching your style that needs little décor because it is a beauty within itself!”

How early do you need to book a venue?

“When we started looking (we are still a year and a couple months out) we noticed many venues book Saturdays in popular months out more than a year in advance! So, we had two options: book a less popular month or have a longer engagement. We decided to go with the first option, because we didn’t want to wait any longer.”

How did you search for a venue?

“Being a part of the industry, I knew of many venues around. That being said I still looked them up online and researched each one to find the right fit! I would love to have it at The Balmoral House, but our guest count is upwards of 250!”

Any other details you think are important?

“Planning a wedding can be stressful, but you want to be on the same page as your fiancé. You need to also focus on what is best for the both of you! Wedding venues can be expensive once you add in the extra costs, so be aware of them before booking. Remember to save some money for the honeymoon!”

Thank you for sitting down with me again, Anna! We look forward to checking back in with you again to see how your wedding is coming along! Good luck on your search for a venue!

If you have any questions for Anna, or the rest of The Balmoral House's Wedding Team, send us an email at or call us at 317.288.8741!

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Photos courtesy of Aubrey Lynn

Written by: Kennedy Glazier, Event Assistant

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