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Plan your Ceremony to Say "I Do" at Sunset

A Sunset Wedding is the ultimate in romance — the rainbow of colors create a soft background (and provides amazing photo opportunities!) The key to create the perfect moment, is timing. At The Balmoral House, we have tried to simplify this for you by mapping out the forecasted sunset times on the first of each month, taking Daylight Saving Time into account as well.

Photo Credit: Monahan Photography

We're having an outdoor wedding and want to get married at sunset. What time should we start the ceremony?

Timing your outdoor ceremony to coincide with the sunset is a wonderful idea — you will remember the moment forever and your wedding guests can experience the magic as the sunlight wanes and the lights turn on to transform the space with a soft glow against the moonlight. But timing the ceremony start time perfectly can be a bit tricky. If you wait until the sun has begun to set to start your walk down the aisle, then the light will be gone by the time you say your vows and you may be left exchanging rings in the dark. Instead, if you're having a 15- to 20-minute ceremony, begin the ceremony at least 30 minutes before the actual sunset time.

What other Wedding Day moments are best captured in the "Magic Hour" of Sunset?

  • First-Look. If you are having a winter wedding when the sunset is around 5:30pm, you may want to bundle up and have a quick first look photo session before the wedding guests arrive.

  • Details. Many outdoor wedding parties have special gifts or decor that photographers can capture as the light is just right while wedding guests are enjoying dinner or drinks.

  • Couple Portraits. Much like the picture we showcased above, a newlywed silhouette is a picture perfect moment.

  • Post-Ceremony. While your guests enjoy cocktail hour, your wedding party or just the wedding couple can take some time to take extra photos on the grounds.

Of course, if you have any question of timing, we always encourage guests to contact our Venue Managers at 317-288-8741 or

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