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The Most Delicious Part of Wedding Planning

After your exchange of vows, your reception is technically the first celebration with family and friends as a married couple. Selecting your reception catering is vital piece of the wedding planning process. The Balmoral House has a wide variety of caterers to fulfill a wide range of pricing and cuisine.

By using our preferred caterers, you can take comfort in knowing they are each familiar with The Balmoral House and all that goes with it from the standards and rules to room setup. While each caterer has exceptional service, the choice really depends on your own taste and menu preferences. We highly recommend contacting each caterer with your vision of the reception to see which may fit, and then request a proposal and plan a tasting with those caterers.

Tastings should be scheduled after reviewing menu options with the dishes you most consider selecting. While there is some merit to tasting general items from the caterer’s menu, it is always best to taste the exact items that will be prepared.

By sampling the caterer’s food, it will give you a chance to taste the catering and also to experience how it will be presented. This is also a great time to meet with the Chef and determine how flexible they are to your needs. All items can be adjusted to your own tastes, so make sure your feedback is taken seriously. Ask about how they handle any special requirements or restrictions as well.

Also, try not to schedule more than one tasting session on any particular day. Trying too many dishes on one day can dull your taste buds as well as, you may have difficulty remembering which caterer prepared which dish.

After each tasting session, take notes on the dishes you prepared and your opinions of these dishes. You might also want to assign a numerical rating from one to ten for each dish. It is important that you do this immediately after each session so that you are sure to remember the details as well as your opinions of the food. After your final tasting session, you will want to compare notes from all of the previous tasting sessions.

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