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What A Day, Picking your Wedding Date.

Tradition has us accustomed to the concept of a Saturday wedding. There are actually six other days of the week that may turn out to be the perfect day for your dream wedding. As a wedding venue in Indianapolis fielding the questions of newly engaged couples everyday, we wanted to offer some other options for you to think about as you plan your wedding.

Have you thought about getting married on the anniversary of when you first met? Or perhaps it would be magical if you married on your proposal-versary? Limiting yourself to a Saturday wedding might not allow you to do this, plus, a significant date is far more meaningful than a date chosen out of necessity. We will give you six reasons why it might be worth considering one of these alternative wedding days!

1: Greater Availability at your Dream Wedding Venue

Booking a Saturday wedding in September or October typically needs to be done at least a full year in advance to guarantee availability in Indianapolis. Fridays and Sundays have become much more popular, but prime dates can still be easier to find within a year. Over the past couple of years, we have hosted a number of Monday, Thursday and even Tuesday night weddings. Typically these wedding dates are chosen due to a specific significant date to the couple or their family. The other reason to choose a weekday is our reason number 2.

2: Save Money on your Wedding Venue

The cost of your wedding venue will probably be one of the largest expenses in your wedding budget and typically your first major decision. Saturday weddings across the board cost more due to the demand. While venues may differ on how significantly alternative wedding dates are priced, a non-Saturday will always save you money. At The Balmoral House, Fridays and Sundays have their own price list and Monday-Thursday are nearly half the price of Saturday. If your where matters more than your when, a shift of a day or two can bring that dream wedding venue into your reality budget.

3: Add Extra Special Touches to your Wedding Day

The savings you could achieve by booking your wedding venue during the week could mean you have room in your budget for some extra special wedding touches. What is on your wish list? A wedding coordinator, specialty cocktail bar, amazing event decor? Or, consider upgrading your wedding catering or why not schedule a special ice cream dessert or food truck? How about a firework display to add a spectacular end to your day?

4: Wide Selection of available Weddings Vendors

Is your heart set on a dream cake? That perfect ceremony arch and event decor? Or perhaps you love how a specific photographer works and are desperate to have them capture your wedding day. The best wedding vendors tend to be in high demand and you won’t want to compromise on your dream vendors because they have already been booked on your wedding day. Choose a mid-week date and your chances of getting your first choice in wedding vendors increases greatly.

5: Save Your Wedding Guests Money

Not only can you achieve some significant savings as a couple, but you can also save your guests money by booking a mid-week wedding. Your wedding guests may need to stay in a hotel overnight and room rates even at the most luxury hotels may drop during the week. Many groups at The Balmoral House enjoy the convenience of Courtyard by Marriott, which even offers shuttle service to our venue. Getting to your wedding may also be less busy for your guests during the week in terms of traffic, transportation, and flights.

6: Wedding Week extends the fun

Rather than limit your celebration to just one day, you can plan a full weekend of events for your family and friends that have come together to celebrate your union. A Friday wedding can continue throughout the weekend. The other side is you can pre-celebrate all weekend with get togethers around town and let your wedding be the big finale on Sunday before everyone travels back home. This is one of our favorite options. A Sunday afternoon wedding complete with mimosa bar and brunch is a fun and affordable way to celebrate your union.

Grand Entrance to a wedding reception

No matter what day you choose to hold your wedding, the date will be celebrated each year going forward. The Balmoral House looks forward to helping you to bring your vision to life as the venue for your dream wedding. To schedule a tour, just click here. You can also call or email our Venue Manager, Sarah, 317-288-8741 or

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