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What is your Wedding Venue Style?

There are two questions everyone will ask immediately after you answer “Yes” to the big question: When are you getting married? Where are you getting married?

And before you can answer those questions you have to find your special place. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have grown up with the vision of the perfect place. For most of us though picking a place to get married begins a brand new journey, the first of many as a newly engaged couple in the wedding process. This special place will be the background of so many memories and pictures that you will cherish from this day forward.

There are really about nine popular wedding venue styles. We will explain a bit about each of them, but at The Balmoral House, we are happy that our venue actually crosses over several styles. This crossover gives our brides versatility to personalize their wedding day and have a truly unique experience.

1. Place of Worship– This is of course the most traditional site option for wedding ceremonies. If you grew up in a church you may already know this will be the site for your wedding. Some churches may also have a space for receptions, but often the reception is held at a separate location either immediately following or later in the day.

2. Hotel– A hotel wedding can be a great choice for larger sized wedding groups. Hotels feature large, versatile ballrooms, in-house catering, options for décor, and plenty of parking. This is also the most convenient option for out of town guests, since they have the option of on-site accommodations.

3. Event/Conference Center– These venues are similar to the hotel experience, except there are no on-site accommodations. They are usually all-in-one venues complete with on-site catering, décor, coordination and a choice of several spaces that can be arranged to fit any size group.

4. Estate/Mansion– If you envision a more traditionally elegant affair, an estate or mansion wedding may be your style. These sites are typically large, ornately decorated homes with lushly landscaped grounds. You have access to indoor conveniences and outdoor space. Many venues also have options on catering and other vendors.

5. Rustic Farm/Barn/Vineyard– The rustic-chic trend continues to gain momentum in popularity. These weddings usually incorporate both indoor and outdoor elements and a more laid-back feel. Usually there are many options for amazing photography with the natural outdoor lighting. You do need to be conscience of your guests needs concerning bathrooms, air conditioning and any wheelchair accessibility with these more rustic sites.

6. Modern/Industrial– On the opposite end of the spectrum from rustic, is the popular industrial trend. Industrial sites are very modern and usually are in converted, repurposed warehouse buildings. This means they are often large enough to host large groups and offer a blank slate for your wedding decor.

7. Golf Course/Country Club– Typically country clubs are a beautiful location for traditional weddings. They have golf course landscaped grounds and elegant interior spaces. The thing to check is membership and vendor requirements.

8. Restaurant– If your concerned more with the food than the location, a favorite restaurant may be a good choice for you. There is ample supply of table and chairs, but you may be limited on space or on choice of day if they do not have a separate space for private parties.

9. Park/Garden– Outdoor weddings are naturally beautiful, plus with nature surroundings there is less required décor. The tricky part to these weddings is the chance of inclement weather does require a backup plan of in indoor site or tenting.

As you review your options, know that The Balmoral House has several offerings which are pictured throughout this article. Our Eaton Hall offers a sophisticated, elegant Estate/Mansion, our newest venue at The Cottage or Grand Deck offer Golf Course/Country Club versatility, and our Garden Patio or Beach Pergola are beautifully landscaped outdoor Park/Garden styles.

Please call our Venue Sales Coordinator at 317-288-8741 or email info@thebalmoralhouse.comfor an estimate or schedule a tour of our venue and grounds.

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