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Unleashing the charm of a perfect bridal Suite: 3 unique spaces For prep, pictures, & party!

To all the brides out there who have been on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, when it comes to selecting a venue, the bridal suite is just about as important as the ceremony and reception spaces! If you've been on the search for a while, you'll know that not all bridal suites are created equal. What sets the truly exceptional venues apart is their attention to detail, especially when it comes to the bridal suite.

A great bridal suite is more than just a place to get ready. It's a sanctuary where the bride can escape the chaos of the day and prepare for the most important moment of her life.

Here's what you should be looking for: a bridal suite that offers three distinct spaces - a prep room, a photo op space, and an area for food and drinks. Let me explain why these three spaces are so critical.

1. The Prep Room:

First and foremost, the prep room should be a comfortable and spacious area where the bride and her bridal party can get ready. It should have plenty of mirrors, good lighting, and comfortable seating. And of course, a private bathroom is a must-have. The prep room is where the magic happens, and it's important that the bride has everything she needs to feel confident and relaxed.

A wedding day emergency kit is also a must have! According to, in an article by Kate

Donovan, she shares 20 emergency items that brides need in 2023!

A good emergency kit could include safety pins, wine-out & instant stain remover, mints, comfort insoles, lint roller, earring backs, hairspray, lip balm, bobby pins, band-aids, portable charger, and Q-tips. Adding a blue tooth speaker available for the brides and bridesmaids to use to play tunes is also a bonus!

2. The Photo Op Space:

The second space in a great bridal suite is a photo op area; a charming sitting room where the bride and her lovely bridesmaids can strike adorable poses, mimosa in hand. This chic space also features a convenient area for the photographer to hang the dress, ensuring that every detail is captured flawlessly. And for the icing on the cake, this room provides the perfect backdrop for a priceless family first look, free from any pesky purses or clutter. Cheers to a picture-perfect day!

3. The Area for Food and Drinks:

Last but not least, a great bridal suite should have an area for food and drinks. A customizable mimosa or coffee bar and a selection of snacks and light bites are a great way to keep everyone fueled up and energized. And if there's room for a small kitchenette or bar area, even better!

In conclusion, a great bridal suite is essential for any bride's big day. And when a venue takes the time to create three distinct spaces for the prep, photo ops, and food and drinks, it shows that they truly care about their brides and want to make their day as special as possible.

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