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Welcome Home Baby!

You can still shower mom and baby with gifts and love, but with a twist –

a Sip and See Party!

A Sip and See party isn’t a new concept, but with our current stay-at-home restrictions, it is the perfect solution to still be able to celebrate such an amazing milestone but at a later date, once large group events are allowed again.

The Sip and See party has been around for a while. It started as a casual open-house style gathering for family and friends. A nice, relaxed alternative to visiting hospitals, couples invite family and close friends to stop by for light refreshments and to see the new baby.

How a Sip and See Is Different from a Baby Shower

Most baby showers and sprinkles occur before the baby comes. However, a Sip and See occurs afterward. Timing is the only real difference. The details of the event are purely up to your preference.

The Sip and See is typically a more casual event than a shower. In fact, most couples have more of an open house format than a party with everyone present at the same time. This gives more people an opportunity to cuddle with the baby. Entire families may attend one of these events - including kids.

If a Sip and See is taking the place instead of a traditional shower, you can keep your invite list the same as you originally planned. Rather than holding a family-style open house, invite your family and friends and celebrate baby with a mimosa bar and snacks. Share stories, snuggle baby, play games, open gifts and enjoy the party.

How to Plan a Sip and See

Much like any other occasion invitations can be sent out either in the mail or via e-mail, to let people know about the party. Since the baby is the main attraction, you don’t have to decorate as elaborately or plan a lot of party games.

There several fun theme ideas for bringing baby home and making your sip and see party personal.

Here are some things to consider during your planning:

· Beginning and ending times: Make sure that when you write out the invitation, you’re specific about when people may arrive and when the party is over. Even if you’re hosting a casual open house style party, you need to be precise, or you might have a difficult time getting folks to leave. This is important for you and your baby.

· Decorations: The Balmoral House has spaces both indoors and outdoors that can provide an elegant backdrop your your party. A themed centerpiece, a festive tablecloth and a few balloons or streamers go a long way to provide a festive environment.

· Refreshments: Serve mostly finger foods and a couple of beverage options. Small sandwiches, cookies, or an ice cream bar can be fun. Or if you want to serve a meal or passed appetizers, we can help you connect with one of our preferred caterers too. Whether or not you choose to offer alcohol is up to you, but it does need to be provided by The Balmoral House. Many people enjoy celebrating such joyous events with champagne or mimosas.

· Games and entertainment: Most people attending a Sip and See event would much rather spend their time holding the baby than playing games, so you don’t have to plan any special activities. And since people are there to see the baby, there is no need to worry about providing anything additional, if you prefer.


It’s a good idea to provide hand sanitizer at the door. Ask your guests to either wash their hands or use the sanitizer before touching your new little one. After all, this is supposed to be fun and not a way to pass germs.

Expectations for Guests

If you’ve been invited to a Sip and See party, the new parents probably have very few expectations, other than the opportunity to show off their new family member.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a gift. Since you know the sex and name of the baby, you can also have it personalized. At least, that’s something that southern moms and dads have always appreciated. Here are some great gifts to bring to a Sip and See:

· A bib, rattle, and teething ring with the baby’s initials

· A custom book with baby's name

· A gift card to a restaurant and an offer to babysit so the new parents can enjoy their date night

It’s Not When You Celebrate, It’s That You Celebrate

The Sip and See Party may or may not have been your original plan, but now more than ever it is important to make plans and celebrate our life milestones. What better way to celebrate when this crisis is over than the start of a new life beginning! The Balmoral House looks forward to working with you to make a plan for the most joyous event for your friends and family.

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