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"Congratulations on Your Recent Engagement!"

It's that phrase that all recently engaged couples have heard from the moment your fiancé put a ring on it, but what do you do now?

One of our Balmoral House team members, Anna, just got engaged herself! And, in light of this exciting, and maybe overwhelming, time for Anna and Jordan, we thought there was no better time to give a perspective into planning the wedding of your dreams from start to finish--from engagement to honeymoon! Stay tuned as we follow Anna's journey to her June 2020 wedding!


I decided to start with a good, old-fashioned interview with Anna to see how she was doing!

First things first, we want to hear the entire story! How did Jordan ask you?

"We went back to where it all started! In August 2011, I was a manager for my high school's Cross Country Team. During, a practice, I was taking times as the runners ran by, and as the first set of runners stampeded down the hill, I saw my now fiancé for the first time! Now seven years later, he took me for a walk through the woods surrounding the course and we reminisced about our past together. When we got to the top of the hill, he asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him, and I said yes! Afterwards, we drove to the park we always used to picnic at, to trails we run together, and other significant places in our relationship. We ended up getting ice cream in downtown Noblesville where we had our first date! Then we went back to his house where both of our families were waiting to celebrate with us!"

That was so thoughtful of him! What were the first things you did that night then?

"We kept it quiet at first that evening to enjoy the moment, just the two of us with no distractions, and I'm so glad we did. Once we celebrated with our families and started posting about it, my phone didn't stop blowing up for days!"

What was everyone's first question for you two?

"Everyone was immediately asking if we had a date set yet! It had only been three hours!"

Well, have you started thinking about a date yet?

"We plan to have our wedding next summer in 2020, but we haven't decided an exact date yet, no!"

What's the vision that you have for you Summer 2020 wedding?!

"Well, right now, I'm envisioning our ceremony in the woods, by nature. Maybe an enchanted forest vibe!"

That sounds super fun and interesting! Plus, it fits perfectly in with your story of being outside when you two met! What are some wedding planning tasks that you'd like to be working on this month?

"This month, I'll be working on putting together a guest list of our loved ones and a budget! Then, we'll start shopping around at local venues to see what fits our guest count, budget, and most importantly, our vision! That's probably all I'll have time for at the moment!"

Understandable, I feel like we see this at Balmoral all the time! Couples are always super busy and feel pretty overwhelmed when they first start planning their wedding! Any last advice you'd like to share with these recently engaged couples?

"Your engagement is such an exciting time in your life! Definitely try to take it slow and enjoy every moment of this process!"

Thank you so much, Anna for sharing! We can't wait to check back in with you next month to see how the search for your perfect venue is going! Congratulations again on your recent engagement!!

If you have any questions for Anna, or the rest of The Balmoral House's Wedding Team, send us an email at or call us at 317.288.8741!

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Written by: Katie Lea, Venue Operations Coordinator

The Balmoral House

10101 Hamilton Hills Lane, Suite 100

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